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AV Podium / Multimedia Podium integrated with AV technology

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All-in-One Interactive AV Podiums and Multimedia Cart

Nomad Technologies, Inc. manufactures, sells and supports our integrated Multimedia Podium, Lecterns and Presentation Carts on a factory direct, nationwide basis.

Our AV Solutions centrally store and seamlessly control all of the integrated AV technology you need to support multimedia presentations... such as a built-in PC, Blu-ray player, Visualizer(Doc Cam), Sound System, Annotation, Wired Connections for your personal devices and many more.

You can configure your own AV Podium or Multimedia Cart by choosing from our list of Audio Visual components that have been pre-selected and tested to ensure reliability and compatibility. Offering you the flexibility required to meet your organizations needs for an Audio Visual Solution.

The mounted control touch panel is designed with an intuitive user-interface to simplify control of the technology so you can focus on your delivery.

A preview monitor is provided to ensure that you maintain face-forward delivery without the need to turn your back to the audience and interrupt the flow of your message.

Compact furniture design accommodates all of the pre-wired technology and provides you with the comfort and confidence needed for seamless presentations.

Perfect for organizations looking for a Smart Classroom Podium in Higher Education or a Courtroom that needs a Multimedia Evidence Presentation System during trials.

Nomad's all inclusive Audio Visual Podiums & Multimedia Carts have a reliable performance track record with nearly two decades of experience all over the world in Higher Education, Government, Corporate, Military and Health Care industries.

AV Podium with Multimedia Equipment - Control Panel


11 Key Benefits

  • Easy to Use

  • Cost Effective - No Consulting, Design or Programming fees

  • Reliable Performance

  • Decades of Experience

  • Pre-Tested, Compatible array of AV Equipment

  • Flexibility to present any type of Multimedia

  • Reduced Infrastructure requirements

  • Single day Installations

  • Compact Lectern design minimizes footprint

  • Consolidated Source of Technical Support

  • 24/7 Online Operational Support


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